The Art of Interiors with Lillian August

Hilton Head Furniture Store - The Art Of Interiors With Lillian August

Let’s delve into the art of interiors with Lillian August for Hickory White. Lillian August is a designer who skillfully blends modern and classic styles, infusing them with vibrant fabrics and frames. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Modern Living: Lillian August understands the nuances of modern lifestyles. Her furniture combines comfort with savvy design statements, resulting in inspiring pieces that play with style and iconic forms.
  2. Designer Classics: The new collection features smaller-scale, classic styles, and an array of colorful fabrics. These pieces are perfect for any lifestyle, offering timeless elegance and comfort.
  3. LA Classics Case: Artfully crafted, the Classics Collection combines modern reproduction technology with the best archival references. It’s a celebration of design history and contemporary living.
  4. Inspirations: Explore more inspirations from Lillian August for Hickory White. Their rooms are irresistible and complement today’s fashion and lifestyles.