Small Details For A Large Impact

Hilton Head Furniture Store - Small Details For A Large Impact

Kendall Wilkinson’s new Vignettes collection for Fabricut explores the beauty of small details that have the power to make a large impact. Directly inspired by Kendall’s love of fashion and travel, this collection offers a modern interpretation of traditional motifs that are perfect for today’s homes. Geometrics and botanical-inspired designs weave layers of character and depth to create a cohesiveness between color books for exceptional usability.

From small statement spaces to large living areas, this collection offers endless pairings to create effortless yet transformative designs. Blake Lively’s Versace 2022 Met Gala gown served as one of the many inspirations for the collection, highlighting the impact and captivating nature of colors and textures. This collection aims to delight in the same way, transforming spaces into timeless areas clients will love for years to come.