Radiant Solstice

Hilton Head Furniture Store - Radiant Solstice

Radiant Solstice:

The winter solstice is behind us and this vignette has the emerging tones of longer, more golden days. The Solstice Sideboard features a detail from the original painting by Mark McDowell exclusively for John-Richard. The artwork is printed on burlap across the five door fronts. The case is inlaid and finished in white linen, and an inwardly chamfered molding in Mayan gold frames the printed front.

Two hand-cast brass figures, sitting on rough-hewn selenite¬†blocks, are atop the cabinet. Another perfect accent, ‘The Framed Ceramic Urn Table Lamp’ has a linen white glaze and is within an antique silver-leaf frame.

Radiant gilded stones create the illusion of a mystical sunrise in this stunning piece of art entitled, ‘Hinode’. As per the theme, the image heralds that warmer, lighter day are coming.