Inviting Living Rooms

Hilton Head Furniture Store - Inviting Living Rooms

Adding style to your living room with a round mirror, table lamp, and decor can elevate the overall look and create a more inviting space. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Round Mirror:
    • Organic Shape: Opt for a mirror with an organic shape for a calm, earthy look. This works well if you have soft-edged furniture and decor or want to add softness to your space.
    • Above the Sofa: Decorate above your sofa with a mirror. It opens up the space and adds brightness without being fussy.
  2. Table Lamp:
    • Choose a Style: Select a table lamp that complements your overall decor theme. Whether it’s modern, vintage, or coastal, the lamp should blend seamlessly.
    • Placement: Place the table lamp on a side table, console, or even a mantel. It provides both functional and ambient lighting.
  3. Decor:
    • Color Scheme: Coordinate your decor with the room’s color palette. Soft, natural colors work well with round mirrors.
    • Layering: Consider layering mirrors or combining them with artwork. It adds depth and visual interest to your space.

Remember, balance is key. Don’t overcrowd the space—choose pieces that harmonize with your existing furniture and decor. Happy decorating!

Shown: Angelina Mirror by Woodbridge Furniture