How to: transitional styling

Hilton Head Furniture Store - How To: Transitional Styling

High-end interior design has taken a trend towards a more casual aesthetic with an emphasis on transitional styling. Transitional furniture style means connecting two style types to create a fusion of the two. Classic styles with modern elements breathe new life into design and create beautiful designs for every room.

The elements of transitional styling include:

  • comfortable yet functional furniture
  • traditional design elements combined with modern and contemporary styles
  • neutral colors paired with bold accessories
  • soft, comfortable fabrics with natural materials
  • masculine pieces with feminine style


Shown above is the Silverado collection by Lexington. The collection incorporates clean architectural lines, transitional styling, statement hardware and an emphasis on comfortable seating. ‚Ā†Visit our Hilton Head Island showroom to learn more about transitional styling.