How to Choose the Perfect Lighting

Hilton Head Furniture Store - How To Choose The Perfect Lighting

Choosing the right lighting can make any living room more comfortable and inviting. Finding the right lighting for your space will instantly advance the style of your room. When considering the right lighting for your space, there are a few questions to ask yourself.

Is your current lighting sufficient? If you find your eyes straining to read a book, you may need to change the type of lighting being used in that particular space. Adding multiple sources of light (ceiling mount lighting, table lighting, picture lighting) will allow you to adjust the level of lighting as you need it.

When considering which lamps to purchase, think about the following:

  1. Space
  2. Size
  3. Features


There are several types of lamps to choose from to serve your lighting needs:

  1. Table Lamps
  2. Floor Lamps
  3. Task Lamps


Some of our favorite lamps to choose from come from Currey & Company. They offer lighting with artisanal finishes and design aesthetics that resonate with those seeking stylish fixtures for homes and offices. As a premier resource of wholesale designer lighting, their selection of lamps and other lighting is unmatched. Visit John Kilmer Fine Interiors on Hilton Head Island for more information about Currey & Company lighting.