Give Warmth To Your Space With Rattan Lighting

Hilton Head Furniture Store - Give Warmth To Your Space With Rattan Lighting

Rattan is a versatile material that has made a comeback in interior design. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. What Is Rattan?
    • Rattan is a hardy climbing plant native to Southeast Asia.
    • Once harvested, its outer bark is stripped, leaving sturdy and lightweight wood.
    • Rattan comes in various colors, including light tan, deep gold, and reddish-brown.
    • It’s used for furniture, woven baskets, and homewares.
  2. Characteristics of Rattan Furniture:
    • Strong, durable, and beautiful.
    • Adds depth and warmth to spaces.
    • Blends well with other natural elements like wood and stone.
  3. Differentiating Rattan from Other Materials:
    • Rattan, cane, bamboo, and wicker are similar but not the same.
    • Rattan lighting fixtures can add warmth and charm to living rooms, bedrooms, or offices.
  4. Ideas for Rattan Lighting:
    • Pendants: Small-scale pendants or dramatic chandeliers.
    • Switch Out Fixtures: Replace basic light fixtures with rattan versions for an eye-catching focal point.
  5. Why Decorate with Rattan Lighting:
    • Combines natural beauty with functionality.
    • Adds warmth, texture, and earthiness to any room.


Consider adding a rattan table lamp or pendant to your space for that cozy, laid-back vibe!

Shown: Teahouse Chandelier by Currey & Company