Combining Coastal With Floral

Hilton Head Furniture Store - Combining Coastal With Floral

Sherrill Furniture offers a range of beautifully crafted floral print chairs that can elevate your home decor, like these SW1452 Swivel Chairs.

Incorporating floral print chairs into your coastal home can create a delightful and serene ambiance. Here are some coastal-inspired design tips to seamlessly integrate those fabulous floral chairs:

  1. Color Palette:
    • Oceanic Hues: Coastal decor often features shades of blue and green inspired by the sea. Consider floral prints with soft blues, greens, and whites.
    • Beachy Neutrals: Pair your floral chairs with beige, warm grey, and sandy tones for a relaxed coastal vibe.
  2. Materials and Textures:
    • Natural Elements: Use materials like wickerrattan, and jute for furniture and decor. These evoke a beachy, organic feel.
    • Linen and Cotton: Opt for upholstery in lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton. They enhance the airy, coastal aesthetic.