Adding Coastal Accents

Hilton Head Furniture Store - Adding Coastal Accents

Adding coastal accents to your home can infuse a refreshing and relaxed vibe reminiscent of the beach.

Go With Light Colors: While ocean blues are classic, don’t forget the sandy beaches. Incorporate crisp whites and brilliant beiges into your coastal color palette. Light and lovely tones create an inviting atmosphere.

Incorporate Woven Elements: Textures play a crucial role in coastal decor. Introduce woven pieces like light fixtures, seagrass accessories, and raffia accents. These natural textures subtly nod to the ocean and enhance the overall aesthetic.

Lean Into Nature: Look for connections to nature—whether it’s through plants, wooden elements, or even a boat frame made of wood. These details enhance the coastal-inspired ambiance.

Wall Decoration with Seashells, Starfish, and Coral: Create a captivating wall display by arranging seashells, starfish, and a piece of coral. This arrangement will subtly evoke the sea and add a coastal touch to your room.

The beautiful Cecilia Rectangular Mirror by Currey & Company grandly ornaments a space with its hand-applied mix of shells affixed artfully to its frame. These form flourishes to make the decorative shell mirror seem as if its sprouting oceanic movement.